Message from the principal

Scholars’ Home Academy was established in 2055 B.S. It situated at the heart of Bhaktapur city. Today, it runs ahead with new management and enriched academic and socio-spiritual approach to providing quality and practical education of national standards. We inspire and motivate encouraging young minds to think, question and imagine. In the friendly atmosphere and comfort of our classrooms, we try hard to make learning a joyous experience and a process that every child looks forward to. We, now have changed into a school that provides to need of this changing world.

We are an inclusive school, with high academic standards. We follow the curriculum set by the government with a twist of our own. This enables our junior to comfortably mould themselves and go through a comfortable transition from primary to senior level. Our teaching faculties are consummate professionals who will go any length to ensure that students go beyond their potential to achieve something extraordinary at home and in this wide world.

We have a very wide range of ECA and CCA activities for the students. These activities have been sorted out in a manner that will provide to the need of the mind, body and soul of all our students. To ensure this, we have activity throughout the week, with Chinese Language Class, Dance Class, Drama Class, Drawing Class, Game & Scout etc. We ensure that our students are ready to face the hard competition when they pass and fly out of this caring environment.

Good schools are built on the efforts of good people and I believe our teachers and students are amongst the very best. Feel free to walk in and judge us. We would be delighted to meet you and show you why we consider ourselves to be the very best.

Thank you.

Geeta Shrestha

Geeta Shrestha

Principal of Scholars’ Home Academy school