Features & evaluation system



  • Cheap and accesible education.
  • Fully undertaken by new management.
  • English speaking zone.
  • Limited students in classroom.
  • Classes are run on wholly disciplined and peaceful environment.
  • Run on the basis of direct observation, helping and suggestion of guardian.
  • Manage the guardian meeting, assembly according to rule and regulation of the school.
  • Interaction program between subjetc teachers and different personalities from different fields.
  • Extra curricular activities (ECA) and co-curricular activities (CCA) are managed for developing intellectual potential and personality of the students.
  • Learning process is followed on the basis of child psychology and audio visual method.
  • Students are taught in both practically and theoretically.
  • Focus on quality education.


Evaluation system

  • Three terminal exams will held through out the year.
  • Class tests, unit tests and mid term exams are held on time as per schedules.
  • Different activities, homework, assessments, attendance, stationery, cleanliness, punctuality etc., are also evaluated.
  • Dragnostic test are held for all classes.